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Using Smart Data Collection, Analysis, Storage, Dissemination And Network Integration To Increase Efficiency In Urban Security

Past Speakers Included:

Houses of Parliament
The Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot MP
Former Chairman of Defence Select Committee
Houses of Parliament
US Department of Homeland Security
Dr. Robert Griffin
Deputy Under Secretary, Science and Technology
US Department of Homeland Security
Singapore Police Force
Commissioner Peter Joo Hee Ng
Police Commissioner
Singapore Police Force
Mr Mushtaq Mahar
Deputy Inspector General Of Police (HQ), Sind Police
Greater London Authority
Mr Stephen Greenhalgh,
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime
Greater London Authority
INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
Mr James Pang
INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre
INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
Turkish National Police
Chief Dr. Ahmet S Yayla,
Chief of Police,, City of Sanliurfa
Turkish National Police
Bavarian State Criminal Police
Detective Chief Constable Bernhard Egger
Head, Central Criminal Investigation Services Department
Bavarian State Criminal Police
Mr Ronen Priel
Mr Ronen Priel
Vice President Business Management

Safe Cities International 2015 builds on last years inaugural event to provide an exceptionally rare opportunity for 100+ Ministers, Mayors, Law Enforcement Decision Makers and industry leaders to gather from across the globe to discuss the deployment of smart, secure, integrated technologies designed to increase efficiency in urban security.

Across the globe governments, cities and emergency services are struggling to cope with the challenges faced by increases in population combined with a rise in urbanisation. With such social phenomena now meaning that 3.4 billion people live in urban environments, existing security systems, technologies and processes are stretched to the limit. This lack of situational awareness of common, expected and unexpected threats is leaving cities across the globe vulnerable to high levels of urban crime, terrorism and natural disasters.

With these challenges in mind, Cities are now actively procuring smart technologies to help with the following tasks:

  1. Identify, capture and collate intelligence data from a wide range of sources
  2. Integration of intelligence data from disparate sources and systems so information can be accessed and communicated by all agencies
  3. Generate a unified threat assessment and emergency response to threats/disasters in order to reduce response time and enable better coordination and planning
  4. Disseminate information to the frontline in usable formats to support emergency responder decision making
  5. Guaranteeing cyber resilience/defence for data collection, storage, and dissemination

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